First, thanks for taking the time to send me the info you found. I'm glad you looked into this topic. I'm also glad you learned enough to decide that Epic wasn't the best fit for you. That's great. Be sure to tell your friends, etc. I'll let this post hang around for a while to help spread the word. (Casual readers skip to the bottom to read up on it and do your own investigating)

Second, I'm kind of bummed that you felt you had to use a throw-away email address to tell me. We could have had a conversation and that would've been more interesting and (probably) rewarding.

Conclusions: I don't promote Epic as perfect. I promote it as a viable alternative in a world where a lot of people still use Internet Explorer and have no idea what VPN stands for or what it does for you. I tell people about Epic because Tor Browser is going to put off a lot of newbies. Also, I made my decision around the time of the Network Neutrality decision so that people could at least have one-click VPN at no cost. I still think this is better than the uninformed alternative.

I read the forum links you sent me and I understand the beef with closed source. However, I don't see this as a reason to not tell people about the browser. Yes, closed source is a count against it. However, it still has benefits that outweigh this concern IMO. I've been using Epic for years in combination with single site browsers, Brave, Opera, Chrome and, least of all, Firefox (yeah, I know!). My experience thus far doesn't make me feel that I should be silent about the existence of this browser.

So again, I appreciate you raising the issue. I was aware of Epic's closed source nature but chose to post because of its benefits. I've also chosen to leave my site ticker as is.

As you know, I can't reply to your email (at least in any meaningful way). However, I posted this because I imagine you'll be reading the ticker to see if I've pulled the link. I haven't pulled it, but at least you know I read everything you sent and took it under advisement. I don't consider your message cocky. I hope you understand that I thought about this before and I thought about it again in light of your message. My decision to leave it is not meant as disrespect nor is your input unappreciated.

-Mr. Lind

P.S. for anybody interested, below the line I included the message I recieved. It's good info, though I don't reach the same conclusions as some of the forum posters:

Epic Browser is closed-source and therefore considered unsafe and not privacy-respecting, despite their claims.

Casual sources:


I really hope this doesn't come across cocky or anything. Privacy is cool. Long live the FOSS movement. :)

- DD student